Megan Horvath, APSW
she/they pronoun badge

Clare Schommer, APSW
Clinical Psychotherapist

Hello! As a queer, white, cis woman and therapist at LP, my intention is to create a therapeutic environment that is rooted in cultural humility and safety. My philosophy surrounding therapy is that it is your space, your time, and you are the expert of your unique experiences. In other words, you will dictate the content and direction of our sessions.

I am dedicated to meeting you where you are in your journey and providing a non-judgmental space where you are free to explore and process thoughts, feelings, and work toward your goals.

I employ a variety of modalities in my clinical work but will tailor our time together based on your preferences and how you respond to various frameworks. I typically draw from DBT with a mindfulness focus, MI, ACT, Behavioral Activation, and/or IFS and utilize trauma-informed, sex-positive, humanistic lenses. I also find value in examining how larger systems and institutions impact all aspects our lives.