Complete control over anything is illusory. Our version of humanoid is around 285K years old give or take. Around 12,000 + years ago, many species of humans lived and even overlapped.
With the development of language via the evolution of our version of humanoid (neo-cortex).

I’ve noticed a propensity for safety sought in language.

E.g. If a person can hold a concept with language they feel more comfortable about said topic. A solar eclipse. If I am unable to understand what’s occurring with language, one might do some
odd things behaviorally. Even a mental break could occur. More likely an attempt to create a sense of control. Always a false sense, but nonetheless.

With us, it tends to be religious views to hold the universe in nice neat boxes. Such a nice sentiment. Safety is illusory. Safety is defined as being comfortable with where you are in space and time (context) and that you can reasonably control hierarchy of needs.

E.g. A researcher discovers a new element. They name the element, find out everything there is to know about said element and with each new discovery a new word emerges (invented). Over
time they quickly forgets that the language used to define said element is of our own creation and not the actual thing itself. The thing itself existed and will without our perception and language

Thank Buddha or whatever you want to believe in we don’t have real control. We just like to think we do….

If you can learn to tolerate discomfort well, without covering it up with illusory narratives in an attempt to feel in control…. well that’s the golden ticket. How you do that will be somewhat
unique based on your ancestry and a myriad of factors you had no real choice in. Genetics are a cruel bitch sometimes.

Embrace comfort states as much as your discomfort states. Feel all of it. Reject nothing. Be a hedonist even for discomfort. Taste it all. Violence always precedes peace, in a non-republican sorta way.

Well wishes
-Autistic Fruitcake

P.S. Even the mere writing of this is paradoxical. My attempt to hold perceived chaos and what I believe to be truths of the universe is based on my limited view of everything. Not even the smallest amount of ultimate influence over anything. And fucking dig that.