So this is a little broad and loaded. In my clinical work as a psychotherapist and sex therapist, I’m often asked to, “Meet people where they’re at.” Now that’s Tri-faceted, with many sub-facets depending on context 1) Biological, Psychological, and Sociological domains are usually used.

Naturally if for some reason we want to count on the IQ spaces we can, but this is often not useful unless I’m concerned you’re under the average in some problematic way i.e. below 70. However, IQ is a bit like using BMI at this point. Not entirely useful, but also outdated no matter how you perform it.

What I find, humans have a large variance in presentation, life circumstances, and abilities. I’ve met folx with traditionally high IQ (we’ll just use that here) and struggle with much. E.g. Quite good at math.
Wonderful high-paying job (coder for Tech firm), all the creature comforts. Not so great with emotions (Intellectualizer) difficulty with relationships, propensity for simple relationships i.e. Non-human animals, dog, cat, horses, etc.

Treatment will likely include strategies to get them out of their head and into their feet i.e. less heady and more feeling spaces to temper the intellect.

For dialectics the other end. E.g. A human with several learning disabilities, lower average IQ, quite good with humans, enjoys art-related endeavors, works full time in blue-collar quite successfully (Ironworker), is financially stable, and much of the average expectations of capitalism. Believes everything is “fine” most of the time. May or may not be good with emotions.

Treatment will likely include strategies like psychoeducation/Solutions-focused therapies around any issues they’re facing to increase pragmatic awareness.

All this to say, any test to measure intelligence is as flawed as its creators… As with anything in science, we can’t measure something if we don’t know it’s there. And even if we did, we may not be perceived correctly, and thus we’ve missed the mark. I’m including “hard” and “soft” sciences here… Both are Soft in my opinion lol.

What I find for myself and the folx I treat, we all tend to gravitate toward the folx that hear us the best. This is most often humans that have very close intelligence measures. However, you want to define that. I think all humans have an intelligence kink. But if we be vibing or not is another story.